A Different Kind Of Love

It was love at first sight
The moment I saw you
So perfect and small
I immediately knew
That I would love you forever
You were in mum’s arm
Couldn’t wait to bring you home
And shower you with love.

How the years have flown by
I stare in amazement
At the man you’ve become
Though I can’t hold back the tears
Tear of happiness
But also a hidden sadness
Wish that mum could see you now.

My love and prayers are always with you
I’ve loved you your whole life
And will continue to do so till the end of mine. Continue reading

What Do You See When You Look At Me?

What do you see
When you look at me?
Do you see the tears
I’ve been hiding for years?
The pain in my heart,
That’s shattered apart?
Or do you see my smile?
It hasn’t been real for a while
Although I can’t explain why
Without beginning to cry
But I don’t want your pity
Or for you to tell me I’m pretty
I just want time to go back
To before I lost track
When it all made sense
And things weren’t so tense
No worries, no stress
No sins to confess
Life was simple and free
Just you and me

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Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend


I was happy alone
No expectations
Content with my life
Until I met him

He showered me with love
More than I thought possible
And swept me off my feet
No gesture too big or small

He understands me
Like no one else
And makes me smile
Where others fail

Every second of every day
He loves me
With no expectations
He loves me

I’m blessed to have found
Such a wonderful husband
And a loving friend
I feel so special

…because he loves me.

I was draftingΒ this poem last Friday, with HD in mind (soppy, I know), when I heard the front door close.

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‘Tadpole’s Promise’ – A Bittersweet Love Story


‘Tadpole’s Promise’ is a children’s book about love. I first came across this last year, when my five year old brought it home in his school book bag.

Where the willow meets the water
a tadpole met a caterpillar.
They gazed into each other’s tiny eyes…
…and fell in love.
She was his beautiful rainbow,
and he was her shiny black pearl.
“I love everything about you,” said the tadpole.

Beautifully written by Jeanne Willis, and perfectly illustrated by Tony Ross, thus began the love story between the tadpole and his rainbow caterpillar.

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Hello and Welcome!


Thanks for stopping by my blog πŸ™‚

As you may or may not be able to tell from my blog name, I love all things creative and my name is Latifa… Hence Creatifa! Ta-da!

My interests are makeup, cooking, baking, sewing, embroidery, and engineering. I’ve always wondered how things work and how I can recreate something I like, be it food, clothing or a makeup look.

Oh, and I also love writing! D’oh you would’ve thought that would come first! Stay tuned for more blog posts on all things creative.

Latifa xx