Dealing With Dry Lips

I’ve had dry lips for as long as I can remember and they are dry all. year. round! Lips can become dry and chapped for a number of reasons, including extreme weather conditions or dehydration. Licking lips or picking at them will only irritate them, and dry them out even more. Regular use of a lip balm will help to retain the moisture in our lips, and prevent them from chapping. Lip balms contain petroleum or beeswax to seal in the moisture, and act as a barrier against the wind and sun. There are many varieties available; in a pot or in stick form, different flavours/scents, medicated, offering Sun Protection Factor (SPF), to name a few.
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Under Eye Dark Circles : My Eye Cream Journey


I was oblivious to the world of eye creams, and the importance of using one, until one person too many asked me if I was tired. That was in my early twenties, so lack of sleep was probably a part of it. I decided to find an eye cream or treatment to help reduce my dark circles.

There are many reasons for dark circles, some of which can be counteracted, and unfortunately, some that can’t. These include:

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