When I Was Just A Little Girl…

As a child, I used to curl up next to my dad while he was watching television or reading the paper. I used to watch my mum get ready and admire her Elizabeth Arden makeup and her Chanel No.5 perfume. When my parents were eating, if there was something they knew I liked, they would save it for me, even though they liked it themselves. They always wanted the best for us, their children – they encouraged us to study, taught us right from wrong, made us independent and confident, and even though they were quite strict about us going out too much – it was all for our betterment. I used to have nightmares when I was younger, usually being chased by something or someone, and [in the dream] I would keep running until I got to my parent’s bedroom, where I would immediately feel safe and no longer scared.
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‘Tadpole’s Promise’ – A Bittersweet Love Story


‘Tadpole’s Promise’ is a children’s book about love. I first came across this last year, when my five year old brought it home in his school book bag.

Where the willow meets the water
a tadpole met a caterpillar.
They gazed into each other’s tiny eyes…
…and fell in love.
She was his beautiful rainbow,
and he was her shiny black pearl.
“I love everything about you,” said the tadpole.

Beautifully written by Jeanne Willis, and perfectly illustrated by Tony Ross, thus began the love story between the tadpole and his rainbow caterpillar.

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