E.L.F. Cosmetics Review and Swatches – Part 1: EYES

EyesLipsFace (E.L.F.) is a cosmetic company which started in the US in 2004, with the “mission to provide customers with quality cosmetics at low prices”. After hearing glowing reviews for over a decade, I wanted to try their products for myself. Upon visiting the E.L.F. UK website, I was faced with the message that the UK distributor had “decided to leave the e.l.f. family and embark on [their] own new, exciting adventure in beauty”. I was disappointed to see none of the items on my wishlist were in stock, but I did what any make up lover would do and took advantage of the stock clearance discounts and ended up placing two orders, the details of which can be found here.

I wanted to use the products properly before I reviewed them for you, and due to the sheer volume, it’s taken a while. I’ve split all the products up into three categories – eyes, lips and face (I wonder where I got the inspiration for that!), and so begin today with all the eye products that I got.

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