Real Neat Blog Award (and Lipstick Tag)

Today marks three months since I started this blog, and without getting too soppy, I have been overwhelmed by the kindness and support I have received. My family have been my number one fans, who make me feel like a celebrity, and I won’t belittle them by thanking them for their constant love. Then there are the lovely people I have met through this blog or blog-related social media… I never thought I would make such good friends, in such a short time. Oh my goodness, this is starting to sound like an acceptance speech for The Oscars, but the award I have been nominated for means no less to me!
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Under Eye Dark Circles : My Eye Cream Journey


I was oblivious to the world of eye creams, and the importance of using one, until one person too many asked me if I was tired. That was in my early twenties, so lack of sleep was probably a part of it. I decided to find an eye cream or treatment to help reduce my dark circles.

There are many reasons for dark circles, some of which can be counteracted, and unfortunately, some that can’t. These include:

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