A Different Kind Of Love

It was love at first sight
The moment I saw you
So perfect and small
I immediately knew
That I would love you forever
You were in mum’s arm
Couldn’t wait to bring you home
And shower you with love.

How the years have flown by
I stare in amazement
At the man you’ve become
Though I can’t hold back the tears
Tear of happiness
But also a hidden sadness
Wish that mum could see you now.

My love and prayers are always with you
I’ve loved you your whole life
And will continue to do so till the end of mine. Continue reading

Real Neat Blog Award (and Lipstick Tag)

Today marks three months since I started this blog, and without getting too soppy, I have been overwhelmed by the kindness and support I have received. My family have been my number one fans, who make me feel like a celebrity, and I won’t belittle them by thanking them for their constant love. Then there are the lovely people I have met through this blog or blog-related social media… I never thought I would make such good friends, in such a short time. Oh my goodness, this is starting to sound like an acceptance speech for The Oscars, but the award I have been nominated for means no less to me!
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