Cuppatea UK 14 Day Teatox: First Impressions

As a child, the thought of drinking tea or coffee just didn’t appeal to me. I used to find them too strong and bitter in taste. Now as an adult, I still feel the same about coffee (dont judge me!) but I don’t think I could live without tea. Recently I have been feeling bloated and looking to live a more healthier lifestyle… so when Cuppatea reached out to me to review their 14 Day Teatox programme, I jumped at the chance.
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Best Ever Chocolate Brownies

Hello my Creative Cherubs,

Years ago, when I first tried chocolate brownies, it was love at first taste. I was on a mission to find the “best ever chocolate brownies”, so that’s what I searched on the internet, and I came across this recipe by Orlando Murrin. They are honestly the best brownies I have tasted, ever! The richness of the dark chocolate, with the delicious, semi-melted chunks of milk and white chocolate. They’re lovely hot or cold, with ice cream, custard, or on their own (with tea).

The recipe is easy enough to follow with detailed steps to ensure you don’t make any mistakes. I have made these brownies many times over the years and they are by far the most requested baked item from my friends and family. They make a wonderful, and personal, gift when visiting loved ones, and go down a treat at bake sales.

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