Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend


I was happy alone
No expectations
Content with my life
Until I met him

He showered me with love
More than I thought possible
And swept me off my feet
No gesture too big or small

He understands me
Like no one else
And makes me smile
Where others fail

Every second of every day
He loves me
With no expectations
He loves me

I’m blessed to have found
Such a wonderful husband
And a loving friend
I feel so special

…because he loves me.

I was drafting this poem last Friday, with HD in mind (soppy, I know), when I heard the front door close.

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Under Eye Dark Circles : My Eye Cream Journey


I was oblivious to the world of eye creams, and the importance of using one, until one person too many asked me if I was tired. That was in my early twenties, so lack of sleep was probably a part of it. I decided to find an eye cream or treatment to help reduce my dark circles.

There are many reasons for dark circles, some of which can be counteracted, and unfortunately, some that can’t. These include:

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Is It Still February?

My dad called this morning, as he routinely does every morning. He mentioned that my youngest brother has been offered a promotion at work. He had been filling in for someone who was away, and now he’s been offered the position permanently. I was immediately filled with pride but then sadness overcame me.

Mum always had a soft spot for him. He was born six weeks premature and was kept in an incubator for the first few weeks of his life. When he was a toddler his heart rate was elevated and he had to be monitored regularly. He had asthma, and would often end up in hospital. He was small for his age and was mum’s baby. He was just nine years old when mum passed away.

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I’ll Never Forget

I’ll Never forget… Monday, the 21st of February, 2000.

The doctor had said mum could come home for the weekend but it’d probably be the last time that she did. Dad kept repeating those words and crying, as we were following the ambulance back to the hospice. Dad used to break down all the time but he’d try to stay strong around mum, making jokes in an attempt to make her laugh. When we got to the hospice, her bed was ready and almost waiting for her. She was being given painkillers constantly through an intravenous line, however when the doctor asked her if she was in pain she’d smile and say no. The doctor told us that people in the final stages of cancer usually scream in pain, but mum was so patient and calm.

Mum always was so gracious in the way she carried herself. She had a gentle, kind manner, but wasn’t afraid to speak her mind. She was breathtakingly beautiful but so modest and sweet. As a mum, she was strict and disciplined but always fair and forgiving. She was full of great advice and made an excellent listener. She always had a way of making everything better. I know it’s clichéd but she really was the best mum in the world.

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Tom & Jerry, London Designer Outlet and More

I’ve written a lot about my interests, but I feel like I’ve left out the most important part of my life… My family! I am blessed to have a wonderful, loving family; my husband, HD, and our two wonderful boys, Tom and Jerry. Tom is six going on to sixteen, he likes to be heard, and is our resident moaner. Jerry is three years old, he’s very shy and loves singing nursery rhymes. all. day. long. They have a love-hate relationship with each other, and are both mamma’s boys!

It’s the half term holiday this week so HD had taken Monday and Tuesday off from work to spend time with Tom and Jerry. On Monday, we went bowling. Tom is VERY competitive and is not a gracious loser, to put it mildly. It did not end well. It hardly ever does, to be honest.
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