Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend


I was happy alone
No expectations
Content with my life
Until I met him

He showered me with love
More than I thought possible
And swept me off my feet
No gesture too big or small

He understands me
Like no one else
And makes me smile
Where others fail

Every second of every day
He loves me
With no expectations
He loves me

I’m blessed to have found
Such a wonderful husband
And a loving friend
I feel so special

…because he loves me.

I was drafting this poem last Friday, with HD in mind (soppy, I know), when I heard the front door close.

I quickly put my note book away, I knew HD would look in on us before he went upstairs to get changed, as he routinely does. I didn’t want him to see what I was working on. I generally don’t like showing HD my drafts, as I value his opinion, so would rather wait till I am happy with whatever I am working on. As expected he came into the room, but instead of reaching out for the boys, he walked towards me and handed me what looked like a bag from a jewellery store. I should add, it’s my birthday today, and HD doesn’t like to wait till my actual birthday to give me my gift. I opened the bag and there was a small, leather box inside. I immediately knew what he had got me. A pair of diamond, stud earrings. 💎

After my initial excitement and gratitude, my mind went to the poem. I didn’t want him to read it on my blog and think that I wrote it whilst intoxicated by the diamonds. I hesitantly pulled out my notebook and said “it’s not finished but I wrote it for you and…” well, you know the rest.

The truth is, I love my diamonds dearly, but I am, and always will be, completely and utterly intoxicated in his love. My HubbyDarling… my HD.

All my love,

Latifa xx

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