Bling Up Your Plain Clothes

Hello my Creative Cherubs!

If you love to “bling up” plain clothes, then read on…

Personally, I love to buy plain dresses/t-shirts and embellish them, producing unique items of clothing👗. I do this a lot, so you can expect a lot of these posts in the future!!

I purchased a child’s plain, white cotton dress from Next. I think it was originally £10, but reduced to £5… Who doesn’t love a bargain?


Whilst this is a very pretty dress as it is, I wanted to add that something extra.

I added a flower made of beads and sequins. These were hand stitched individually to make them extra secure. I used my sewing machine to add a line of pink ribbon and white lace across the chest, to break up the dress.
wpid-wp-1422644680047.jpegFor extra detail, I used pink embroidery thread to chain stitch around the neckline. I also added chain stitch, sequins and beads along the two “flaps” at the bottom of the dress.


Here is the finished dress:
wpid-wp-1422644786635.jpegI know it’s nothing amazing but I feel it adds that personal touch to an otherwise plain dress. The photograph doesn’t do it justice, it looks really pretty in person.

Comment below if you’ve done anything like this, or if you’d like to see something in particular. Follow me to make sure you don’t miss my future posts.

Stay creative!!

Latifa xx

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